Dock Slips

Dock Slips

Docks slips are offered on Half Moon/Bruin Chain of Lakes

We have 49 dock slips in water and 25 on land 

Season runs from April to October 15th for our in water slips

2024 Dock Slip Rates

Dock Slip paid in full by Febuary 10:


***To Reserve Your Dock Slip, Contact N&K Marine***

*Slips Paid By Credit Card Will Incur Additional $100 Fee*

Other Options:

Boat/Pontoon on Trailer stored outside with use of boat ramp 24/7:


Boat/Pontoon with or without trailer with in and out by N&K Marine with 24 hour notice:


Boat/Pontoon stored inside Marina with in and out by N&K Marine with 24 hour notice:


Boat slips in water run from April 15th - October 15th

On land slip options run from May 1st - October 1st